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Cauliflower Cheese

My name is Vanessa and my daughter Finley and I made Cauliflower Cheese.  This was a delicious side dish that cleverly disguised the cauliflower to look and taste like cheesy potatoes.  


My favorite part of making this recipe was the time I spent in the kitchen with Finley, and the proud smile she wore from ear to ear when this dish of bubbly cheesy goodness came out of the oven.  Finley's favorite part was sprinkling on the additions.  We added in paprika, thyme, breadcrumbs and basil.  I suggest adding in a little extra garlic, because you can never have too much garlic!  If you like a little heat, red pepper flakes are perfect for this dish too.

I was so surprised at how easy it is to make a roux.  Now I know I can make a simple base for any creamy dish using a little bit of butter, flour and milk or broth.  

We can't wait to try more recipes!  

This recipe cost $6.60 total to make and only $1.65 a serving.  The recipe for Cauliflower Cheese can be found on page 93 of the cookbook "Good and Cheap" by Leanne Brown.

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