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Give DeKalb County Mail in Donations April 22-May 6

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Week after week, Barb Food Mart volunteers receive shipments, organize donations, and help

distribute food to DeKalb families experiencing some need. This hasn’t changed in the eight

years we’ve been operating.

In the last year, however, we’ve experienced a lot of other changes.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have created a contactless pick-up model. To help

prevent the spread of the virus, families now use an online form to place their orders. Volunteers

pack up the requested items, and on Thursday evenings we load everything into families’


In addition to choosing from the list of available items, families have the opportunity to make

special requests through the online form. Some of the most popular items people request

include personal hygiene products, diapers and baby wipes, and household cleaners.

In the past year, we’ve seen another change: unprecedented need. We are now averaging twice as many families each week as we were serving prior to the


As we look forward, we are committed to being here each week for years to come.

We are committed to providing for the unique needs of our families by offering choice and

listening to their requests.

Finally, we are committed to adapting to our changing world in order to keep DeKalb families


Will you commit to helping us in this important work?

Please make a donation to Barb Food Mart through the Give DeKalb County fundraising event on May 6, 202. Visit to donate by mail or online.

To send a check, click “Mail-In Donation Form” and follow the instructions on

the form. Please note, mail-in donations must be postmarked between April 22 and May 6 to be

included in Give DeKalb County.

To donate by credit card, visit the website between midnight and midnight on May 6.

Thank you for your support.

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