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Season of Giving Wraps Up an Amazing Year at Barb Food Mart

2021 has been an amazing year for Barb Food Mart. We have been truly inspired by the generosity of the people in our community. Barb Food Mart’s SEASON OF GIVING begins on November 30 and continues throughout December. In this season of giving, we give our most sincere thanks to our donors who make what we do possible.

We wanted to share some highlights and insights of the past year with you…

Need for Food Continues to Rise

October 2021 marked a new high for Barb Food Mart. More than 180 families visited the pantry each week. That’s a three-fold increase from just two years ago. To meet the demand, we are buying much more food. We have been able to meet the increased need, thanks to our donors.

Choice Important

Food choice has been a basic tenet of the Barb Food Mart philosophy since the beginning and helps ensure a dignified, respectful and comfortable experience for families. Due to Covid-19, we implemented an online ordering system so families can preorder many items.

Fresh Produce, Wholesome Food

Our surveys reveal that fresh produce is very important to families, as are wholesome foods such as milk, eggs and meat. Each week, families are greeted with the welcome sight of a choice of fresh fruits and vegetables and a mix of nourishing, wholesome options.

Food and Beyond

In the past year, we have added household and personal hygiene items, to provide families with additional support.

Innovative Distribution

To keep families and volunteers safe during the ongoing pandemic, customized food boxes are delivered by volunteers to families outside. We continue to explore distribution options that maintain safety, efficiency and a positive experience for all at our new Garden Street location.

Volunteers are Essential

From unloading food to packing customized boxes to delivering the food - our new delivery method works so well, but has greatly increased the need for volunteers.

While we continue to adapt to new challenges, we know that people are still struggling … more than 64% of DeKalb students qualify for free and reduced meals.

Please help us continue to meet the need for food within our community. We hope that you will think of the pantry when you decide on end-of-year donations.

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